The official
Frankie Fish


Q:  Who is Frankie Fish?
  Frankie Fish is a cartoon character that represents family fun in Frankfort.  His focus is to establish a presence in our community, build relationships with our visitors, and to promote local businesses! 

Q:  Why a character costume?
  This form of advertising is a unique way to get attention and generate smiles.  Interaction with a charactger is a fun memorable experience and portrays a positive welcoming family environment.  National and regional ad campaigns are great but the real recognition that sticks and leaves a lasting impression is real interaction locally.

Q:  How much will Frankie cost to be created?
The estimated creation cost of a custom mascot is approximately $7,000.  This is a onetime cost for the professional design and construction of Frankie.  Cowan, the selected costume company, has created characters for Frito-Lay, Proctor & Gamble, KFC, and Pepsico.  Their costumes are designed with special attention to cosmetic appeal and easy maintenance.  The build of their costumes also focus on performer comfort with a cooling vest and built in fan-unit.

Q:  Who is going to pay for Frankie?
  Frankie's creation will need to be privately funded since there are no city funds available for this type of marketing.  Once Frankie has been created appearances at local events will be available for sponsorship.  Local businesses who sponsor Frankie at various events will receive recognition through announcements, signage, and giveaways. 

Q:  How do I become a sponsor?
  Thank you for investing in positive town programming!  To make a donation please contact Vickie Slater (231)620-1411 or email  For a $100.00 donation you will receive an offcial Frankie Fish sponsor T-shirt!  For a $500.000 donation you can BE Frankie Fish for a day!

Q: Where will I see Frankie?
  Frankie will appear at festivals and parades as well as local school events.  Frankie will also make cameo appearances on Main Street and the beach greeting friendly locals and happy tourists.  Next summer Frankie will be hosting two regular Saturday summer evening events "Party in the Park" and "Movies on the Beach."  Both events bring vacationing families into town for the evening and create the perfect stage for the promotion of local businesses.

Q:  Who is going to take care of Frankie?
  Vickie Slater, a new year round Frankfort resident, will be Frankie's caregiver.  She will be professionally scheduling and directing appearances while ensuring Frankie's events are fun and consistent with his mission to create a memorable family friendly environment.
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